What is FIMA?

The Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) is an international organization with 70 institutional members that aims to support the unity and welfare of medical and healthcare professionals in member countries and around the world through its research, publications, programs and charity activities. It also aims to encourage health services, education and research through cooperation and coordination among member organizations; support practices based on the Islamic understanding in the medical and healthcare fields and mobilize economic resources and develop approaches to provide medical care and assistance to communities and regions in need. Finally, FIMA also aims to encourage member organizations to exchange medical information and technical expertise. 

What is FIMAyouth?

FIMAyouth is a volunteer-based organization of youth healthcare professionals who have just started their careers, or students who are continuing their education in the health sciences within the member institutions which are established in accordance with the functional internal structures and goals of FIMA.

FIMAyouth will ensure the growth of individuals who strive to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of people; embraces the totality of the creation; uses the skills and competencies they gained throughout their lives as well as their cultural inheritances from their societies and families for the good of humanity; stands by the rightful, not the strong; is willing to put everything on the line for the sake of establishing the right and the just; are competent in their professions; and are confident in their relationships and generous with their services to humanity.

FIMAyouth prioritizes research, publications and activities in the areas of basic health services, telemedicine and health information systems, training healthcare personnel, promotion and development of healthy lifestyles, health diplomacy, development of healthy gender identities and disaster medicine. They organize student exchanges, student camps, student conventions, thematic campaigns and thematic competitions to raise awareness and promote social development in this field.

What is FIMAyouth Summer Camp?

FIMAyouth Summer Camp is an activity for healthcare students and recent graduates who volunteer with FIMA member organizations.

FIMAyouth Summer Camp is a non-profit program aimed at bringing together young health-care students and professionals who have demonstrated leadership skills based on their volunteer work to focus on global health problems and solutions, who rely on robust and solution-oriented information and who are interested in improving academic, social and cultural relationships in the future

Want to join FIMAyouth Summer Camp? Download here http://bit.ly/FIMAyouthSummerCamp2019